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The easy and disposable alternative to plastic juice containers. This unique product is the only LEAK PROOF, self fill, disposable beverage bag on the market today. Unlike traditional pre-filled juice bags, BeviBags® allow you the freedom and convenience to bring your favorite drink anywhere. Great for play dates, the beach, family outings or sporting events. BeviBags® are convenient, sanitary and an easy way to carry your favorite drink.


"I took some BeviBags with me to the movie theater last week, and saved myself almost $30.00. I used to buy one soda for each of my kids at the movies. The can cost almost $7.00 a soda. But with your bags, I was able to buy one soda, and then pour the soda into your bags. I had one bag for each of my kids and I still had some left for me. I`ll never go to the movies without your bags again." -- Janine from Seattle

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Pour, Zip and Sip .....BeviBags

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...(just pennies), you can save Big on your grocery bill just by making wise choices when it comes to what and how you're buying and pouring for your family!
The BeviBag seal has passed submerge, thrash & pull tests by the US Navy Experimental Diving Team!!!

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